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Mike McNeill. EFL content. [Hosted on CrikeyEnglish.  Additionally, please note that the authors of this website determine, given the content herein is targeted at advanced EFL learners, that the same is thereof understood.]

ENGLISH VIRTUAL CLASSROOM                                                      @ English-VC.com / Englishvirtualclassroom.com offers courtesy ESL / EFL content engagement primarily aimed at advanced students and fully respects copyright perpetually held by the original authors, plus originally crafted visual ideas on how to make English work for you.

I am Mike McNeill (founder / trainer). I conduct both virtual online English training and hold face-to-face meetings and seminars in the Vienna City Centre area.

Englishvirtualclassroom.com / English-VC.com ENGLISH MISSION

Our primary aim is to equip English as a second language (ESL / EFL) students with the ability of actually remembering essential English grammar, using English mind mapping schematics ©2009-2018. Specific coaching methods assist clients in their goal of recalling how to use correct English structures within their professional business lives.

Clients may pay for targeted coaching time towards promoting appropriate English sentence structure and the correct use of the English tenses within the framework of specialist vocabulary requirements, be those legal, business, banking, sales, human resources or medical / clinical English areas. A very strong additional focus is placed upon professional meetings and presentation phrases and skills and getting your point over to your business partners without harming your brand name or personal reputation.

On offer is a “Tips & Tricks” set of mind-mapping schematics© which equip students with the skill of quickly learning and then recalling English material which will get them through their most difficult Business English challenges.

Within these pages you will find learning methods and interesting online topics aimed at developing, expanding and supporting English as a second language within professional business situations. English-vc.com aims to offer its customers a clearer understanding of appropriate behaviour at professional English speaking events and how one can best structure one's questions and responses, thus avoiding the pitfalls of being too indirect vis-a-vis questioning and, conversely, being too direct in the rejection of others' views.

Best wishes going forward,

Mike McNeill - RGN., Counselling Cert (Ed)., BA (Hons)., MA.

[Registered General Nurse. Certificate in counselling and relationship support in education. Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Peace & Conflict Studies - mediation, politics and history, ethics and cultural studies.]

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The priority here is customer engagement and not just information placement and retrieval. Rich customer engagement wins over mere dry content. e-Learning and any learning activity should not eliminate the person from the process.






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